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Intellectual Property Music and Entertainment

Intellectual Property Music and Entertainment

With experience on both sides of the table, FCM delivers legal expertise with creative know-how.

Whether you’re a musician reviewing a record deal, a writer sifting through publishing legalese, or a creative somewhere in-between, Flood Chalmers Meade (FCM) is the trusted voice you can rely on. Before embarking on a legal career and establishing FCM, our own Greg Flood spent 20 years as a renowned and respected conductor, writer and musician. In fact, it was Greg’s personal experience of the complex nature of copyright law that led to his career as a lawyer. Having navigated a legal challenge of copyright, and with personal experience as a successful creative artist, Greg has a clear and comprehensive understanding of your exact needs in copyright and contractual law. 


This experience is what sets us apart in representing artists, publishers and musicians of every nature. FCM is a clear-cut choice for legal advice with creative insight.

Our intellectual property, music and entertainment legal advice covers:

Do I have to register my copyright with any third party?

Speak with us today if you are:

When looking for intellectual property, music and entertainment experts in law, why not choose the firm that understands how it feels to be in your shoes? 

 Our empathetic approach comes from knowing what it’s like to believe in a creative idea with your whole heart, and wanting to protect it, all while receiving adequate compensation.


What are the benefits of engaging FCM for intellectual property, music and entertainment law?

With 20 years’ experience in the music industry, Greg has been on the receiving end of contracts that dealt with intellectual property as it applied to his work. 

Greg dedicated himself to learning the true ins and outs of contracts for creative people, seeking to help others feel safe and secure in seeing their ideas take flight. FCM is an expert in this field.

Do I need a contract to protect my intellectual property rights?

While it may be tempting to draw up a contract at the first strum of a chord, hold tight – at least initially.  Your intellectual property rights are created automatically when you create your artistic work. There is nothing to do at this point in time.  However, to use those rights with any third party (such as a publisher or record label), you will need a contract to protect yourself and your work. FCM can help you write or review this kind of agreement, protecting your creative pursuits as well as your ability to earn an income for years to come.

While this is an easy trap to fall into, you do not need to register your copyright with any third party under Australian law. The rights commence automatically when you create a work.

In America, you do have to register your copyright with the Library of Congress for protection. This is the kind of advice you may find more broadly online, should you read an American website.

As experts in Australian intellectual property, you can trust in FCM to give trustworthy, bespoke advice for your corner of the globe.

I’ve created work as part of my employment - who owns the copyright?

If the work was created as part of your employment contract, it will most likely belong to your employer. This is because you will have signed a contract, likely outlining intellectual property, at the beginning of your employment term. However, if you created your work under a contract for hire, you may be the owner.


For individual advice on whether the work you’ve created while on the job is your own, please speak directly with our team. They can help you review your employment contract in line with the kind of work you have created during your term, helping you to understand exactly where you stand.

Is it expensive to get representation for intellectual property, music and entertainment matters?

With a unique interest in helping artists gain and maintain protection for their creative work, the team at FCM is more than happy to discuss your legal matters with you before any charges are incurred.  At the end of the day, we want to ensure you and your creative work is well protected, so you can feel confident pursuing your dreams.


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