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Buying and selling property is widely considered to be one of the biggest stressors in life. Between deciding on the right move for your family or business, negotiations and securing finances, you’ve got enough to consider without taking on the legalities yourself.

At Flood Chalmers Meade (FCM), we take that stress and turn it into optimism, excitement and peace of mind.

Whether your dealings involve development and subdivisions, retail and commercial sales or even residential or commercial leases, you can count on our years of expertise to guide you through the process. From that first spark of considering a move right through to signing the paperwork, your dream is treated as our own.

Our property law expertise covers:

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Rest assured, the FCM team are all experienced users of PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) – Australia’s largest online property exchange network, which allows lawyers, conveyancers complete financial settlements digitally.

If you’ve been on the hunt for ‘conveyancing solicitors near me’ or even ‘property dispute lawyers near me’, you’re in the right place.

What is property law?

It might sound self-explanatory, but there’s a lot more to property law than meets the eye. Yes, property law involves the settlement of property, but life is often more complicated than signing paperwork and handing over a set of keys.
Property lawyers are experts in dealing with conveyancing (the transferral of property from one owner to another). They can help you transfer titles of land, understand council and building restrictions, tax implications, and even approval processes should you wish to make changes to your property.
When it comes to disputes, property lawyers are experts at understanding your rights so you don’t lose out on the asset you’ve worked so hard to acquire.

What does a conveyancer do?

Think of a conveyancer as your “right hand” man or woman when it comes to purchasing property. We can review contracts and alert you to any red flags before you decide to make an offer.
Should you wish to move ahead with a purchase, we’ll act as the conduit between yourself, the vendor and the bank, ensuring that the funds and property are transferred and settle promptly and easily on settlement day.
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Did you know, our property lawyers, commercial real estate attorneys and property conveyancing solicitors can also:

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