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Navigating a dispute that’s headed for the courtroom is never easy. While your friends and family are always there to lend an ear, there will come a time you need professional opinion and action. Flood Chalmers Meade (FCM) can assist you with your litigation, mediation and court appearance needs – navigating the most complex of disputes with compassion and care.

Our dispute resolution and litigation expertise covers:

We can represent you in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), the Magistrates’ Court, the County Court, and the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Why might I need dispute resolution and litigation?

At certain points in life, you may find yourself wishing to dispute a matter in accordance with the law. Or you may find yourself arguing against legal action that has been taken against you.
These conflicts can happen to anyone, when you’re conducting business, receiving healthcare, maintaining or renovating your property or when you have suffered an accident or injury.

What are Will disputes and litigation?

According to law, you have the right to leave your estate (that is, your net worth accumulated over your life) to whomever you choose. When you pass away, this should be administered according to your wishes. However sometimes a Will is contested, that is, argued against.
Spouses, de facto partners, family members or others who can show that they were dependent on the person who passed away may contest the Will. There may be argument that the Will was signed by the deceased when they were unable to understand the contents, or there may be an argument that the Will was signed under the influence of someone else who wanted to take advantage.
On the other hand, if there was no Will, there are laws in place that dictate how an estate should be distributed.
Thinking about contesting a Will? Get in touch as soon as possible, as there are set timeframes for doing so within Australia.

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