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Commercial Law

Commercial Law

High quality legal and business advice you can understand.

Whether you’re in the planning stages of a new business, early years as a start-up or running a well-established organisation, Flood Chalmers Meade (FCM) cares about your business’ goals, needs, profitability and obligations.

With a passion for representing everyday business owners, we’re dedicated to ensuring your legal rights are well protected so you can focus on building a successful business with peace of mind.
Our highest priority is delivering legal advice in a way you can understand and put into practice easily – at your desk or on the frontline.
“Help, I need a business lawyer near me.”

Our commercial expertise covers:

What is Commercial Law?

As the name suggests, Commercial Law Is a subset of law focused on commerce. This includes anything and everything to do with turning a profit from sales.
As Commercial Law experts, FCM can help you navigate the do’s and don’ts when it comes to legalities in business, from taxation law to trade practices, and even consumer law.

Why hire a lawyer specialising in commercial law?

Launching or exiting up your business? Commercial lawyers can help you with buying or selling a business in a legally binding way.
If you’re part-way through your business journey, established commercial lawyers can assist you in drawing up water-tight contracts and trust documentation, as well as navigating shareholder agreements and disputes with ease.

Business dispute resolution and litigation? Talk to us. Protection against litigation down the track? Absolutely.

When you’re running a business, you need to focus on what you do best. Our friendly, down-to-earth Commercial Law experts will take care of all legal advice relating to your business.

Did you know, our business litigation lawyers and commercial lawyers can also:

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    Terms and conditions Our phone consultations provide for a one-on-one confidential consult with one of our lawyers. In 15 minutes we can get an overview of your situation and give advice on your options, how you should proceed, general advice regarding your legal rights and/or responsibilities and give you information about how we can help you. It’s free, and there is no obligation to use our services. At the end of the consultation, you may choose to continue working with us or you may decide that you have all the help you need – the decision is yours, no questions asked. Should you wish to proceed with any legal matter following the initial consultation, we will advise as to what is involved and the process that needs to be followed. If you wish to instruct us after this consultation, we will ask you to sign a cost agreement and discuss the next steps with you.